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A ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ employee relations strategy is not black and white. What may be a good ER strategy for one business (or even one business unit) may not be for another; and the integral issues that may influence these strategies are not always clear or consistent. Employee relation strategies also need to continually evolve. Rebecca understands these dynamics relevant to the development and implementation of an ER strategy. Her interest and capacity to understand the business and its business drivers assist her in supporting the development and implementation of a sound ER strategy, regardless of the circumstances.

Enhanced ER can provide support for ER strategies that are integral for:

  • EA negotiations
  • Organisational redesigns
  • Significant employee related matters

Involving Rebecca at an early stage of this process is a good business decision, which is guaranteed to enhance business outcomes.

"Rebecca brought a refreshingly pragmatic approach to her role." HR Manager, Construction

In my role as HR Manager for a mid-sized engineering and construction business I found Rebecca's support and advice invaluable. Rebecca brought a refreshingly pragmatic approach to her role and I felt confident that I could rely not only on her technical skills and knowledge but her strong commercial understanding and insight into our business and industry challenges. I highly recommend Rebecca's services to any prospective client.

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