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Employee relations coaching is a particular passion for Rebecca. Her style is to influence and engage across the business. Her psychology background means that she does not see the world purely through a ‘legal’ prism and is intuitive in her assessment of people, issues, and potential outcomes.

Her coaching is both informal – every ER discussion is an opportunity to coach; and formal through individual sessions. Rebecca also offers mediation services and adopts a facilitative style that is well received by participants.

Rebecca’s coaching spans:

  • Learnings about Australian employee relations – it has its own unique landscape  
  • Understanding of self and managing employees, working with peers – with a uniquely ER flavour
  • ER issues across broader business strategy and the complexities to navigate through that process.

She relates and engages with employees at all levels of the business, from senior executives to frontline employees and is truly interested in their development and achieving their own personal goals.

"Rebecca processed complex information quickly to develop solutions." General Mgr - Not for Profit

As Chairperson at Othila's, Rebecca was approachable and adaptable, working across the organisation and creating a board that provided opportunity to everyone: board, manager and staff. She processed complex information quickly and developed solutions appropriate for a changing professional landscape.

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